Hello FIRSTers!

The Red Stick Rumble is getting closer and closer and we are getting more excited for when you all arrive. As schools around our area get back into session, we are looking to add even more teams to our current 15. Our goal is a modest 24 teams but we would love to have 30 or more. Maybe you could help us. If you know people that are on other teams, please call and let them know about the competition. Remember, 24 teams is needed at minimum to have a full set of elimination matches.

In the next week we should have the pit map up and running as well as a layout of how the field and all will be setup. We also wanted to remind teams that while you can arrive on Friday, it is not mandatory to do so. Friday merely provides your team time to connect your robot to the field and practice. If you cannot send your entire team that day, we will gladly help whoever can arrive to get your robot and your pit ready to go for Saturday.

We will provide more information in a week or so. Until then – I hope you are as excited as we are.

Daniel L. Eiland
Your Friendly RSR Coordinator