Hello FIRSTers!

Its been a great summer so far as we get ready for the Red Stick Rumble. Many things are coming together and we are getting more excited as the date draws near. You will notice that our tentative agenda has been posted on the website (http://www.redstickrumble.org). We are also finalizing the food details and I can tell you what you will be seeing in two words: FOOD TRUCKS!! For those that don’t know, Baton Rouge has a growing community of Food Trucks that serves all different types of food for your palate.

While we currently have 12 teams registered, we are still looking for another 12 so please invite someone to come along with you. Remind them that they can register on the website and pay later. We realize that many teams have to be in school in order to get the funding that they need.

More details will be published as they arrive. For now, we can’t wait to see YOU at the Rumble!

-All the BestDaniel L. Eiland
Your Friendly RSR Coordinator