Hello FIRSTers!

We cannot be more excited by the response that we’ve had so far. In the first day of registration, we had three teams register. This is amazing considering how new our event is and how many teams are still trying to recoup funding after a hard fought season.

We are looking forward to seeing many teams at the Rumble. One question was posed on Chief Delphi that I wanted to take a moment to answer here as well. While the event is scheduled for Friday and Saturday, teams may definitely come in on Saturday morning. We plan to use Friday as a day for practice and perhaps a few exhibition matches for our local high-school, middle schools, and elementary schools. We would also like to setup an event or two for Friday night so that teams can get to know each other better.

As stated in our mission statement, our primary purpose is to provide the many teams of the Bayou Regional area and beyond a place to grow their team through networking and extra competition. We are still a relatively new region and our best resource is each other.

Please continue to register and I hope to see you all at the Rumble!

All the Best,
Daniel Eiland
Your Friendly RSR Coordinator